Comprehensive Cancer Care Services


Highlands Pharmacy, at both locations, is a retail pharmacy with an emphasis on serving oncology patients. It is a unique practice setting and the pharmacist has specific knowledge regarding chemotherapy agents and works with the physicians to ensure that patients will receive [..]

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What Is Chemotherapy and How Does It Work? Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy kills cells which are dividing rapidly. Surgery or radiation destroys cancer cells in one area of the body, while chemotherapy travels [..]

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If symptoms are present, the doctor asks about the person’s medical history and performs a physical exam. In addition to checking general signs of health, the doctor may order various tests and exams. These may include laboratory tests and imaging [..]

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Trilogy Treatment

Did you know Highlands offers Trilogy treatment? Learn more.

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Clinac IX Treatment

Did you know Highlands offers Clinac IX treatment? Learn more.

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Physical Therapy and Integrated therapy

Cynthia Gunselman, PT, joined the staff of Highlands Oncology on July 16, 2013.  Cynthia received her physical therapy degree from the University of Central Arkansas and has over 30 years of experience.  She received certification as a lymphedema therapist in [..]

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